Some tips for choosing cosplay costume

Star Wars tells the story of the Battle of endor, when the rebel alliance was reorganized into the new republic and Chandrila became the temporary capital. The Galactic Senate has been restored. MOMOSMA was elected as the first speaker of the new republic’s Galactic Senate. The New Republic starfleet is commanded by Marshal Akbar of Gyál. A few months later, the new republic defeated the Galactic Empire’s fleet over Akiva. AKIVA became the first exoplanet to join the New Republic; the New Republic began the liberation of the outer rim. A year after the battle of endor, a major battle broke out between the new republic and the Galactic Empire on the Outer Rim Desert Planet of Jakku. During the battle, the imperial star destroyer punisher, commanded by Captain Sennarey, crashed to the surface of Jakku. The Battle of Jakku ended with the victory of the new republic. After the battle of Jakku, the empire was no longer able to mount a major campaign against the new republic and was forced to sign a treaty with it. All imperial ships in the core and inner rings must remain within the treaty boundaries. Twenty-nine years after the battle of Jakku, the wreck of the punisher still stands. But there are two new regimes in the Galaxy: the first order and the resistance.

As in many 20th-century space-opera works, laser-powered “blaster” firearms are common amongst both militaries and renegades of the galaxy, though Jedi and Sith prefer the use of sword-like lightsabers, which can cut through virtually any surface, and are also used to deflect laser bolts or other sabers.

When you are watching a movie at a movie theater, do you want to wear the costumes in the movie? Imagine you have a cosplay costume with a character in Star Wars. You can wear it to the cinema to watch a movie, and you can wear it to spend Halloween.

When you have a performance, you can put on your partner and put on the samurai’s clothes, holding the props and making a debut.

There are a lot of Star Wars cosplay costumes, you can dress up as Rey, Carolyn or other characters.

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