Wild and Naughty-Appreciation on TAG Heuer Monaco

Car race has gone through 100 years in its history from the basic road race to the later professional race. As the car race can inspire and intrigue people’s imagination about the speed, it is widely accepted. In the last century, people has great craze about the car race, and the founder of TAG Heuer love car race, then two important works were invented: Carrera and Monaco. Monaco event is the most famous car race. In addition to the TAG Heuer, many brands have similar products. One of the most feature is the rectangular shape, as the original Monaco had the round shape. So here we will look at a new Monaco watch.

Comparing to other Monaco, I have to say that this one really impresses us. What attract me most is the belt made of skin of boa, which is really wild. Such an equipment pretty match the passion of car race. Even the Monaco has a rectangular shape, it still has the same layout that is found in round one, to satisfy people’s custom. The brown radiation dial has dense strips, which features TAG Heuer Monaco, and it was inspired by the race trail.
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At the 12 o’clock, there is an AUTOMATIC word branded. Looking from the front and side profile, you will see a completely different case. Side front processing with wire drawing and polishing gives you’re a beautiful vision. Mirror is outstanding and the lug is short but looks tough. There is no much difference in the crown between Monaco and other series of watches. During the daily use, we find that it is really comfortable and when we wind it up we could feel that the barrel becomes tight and hear that crisp sound. At the meantime, it is fitted with quartz movement, so it becomes rare and cult item among its fans.

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