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Feminine charm. As an ode to passion and charm, this modern women’s watch blends color and material beauty in its 31mm case, while at the same time maintaining the timeless elegance of the log watch, a classic from Rouse.

The Lady-Datejust 31 is available in a variety of materials, such as 904L stainless steel, 18 CT gold, platinum, Eternal rose gold, and the ultimate metal 950 platinum. Also available is ROLESOR Gold Steel, which is a combination of 904L stainless steel with 18 CT gold, platinum or Eternal rose gold. From round arch polish to triangle pit grain, from elegant ornament beauty gets ablaze close set 46 diamond, these rich and colorful outer ring design and 31 millimeter watch collocation are proper, reveal bright individual character calmly. One of them, the women’s journal 31, has a distinctive outer ring — 24 diamonds of different sizes are set in an arched outer ring made of 18 CT gold, platinum or eternal rose gold, creating a charming and lively beauty.

The Rolex womens’s Datejust 31 also boasts a variety of dial designs, including exquisite colors and distinctive decorative patterns. Some are made with mother-of-pearl, while others are embellished with intricate patterns, such as champagne, pink and rhodium white flower-motif dials, whose soft hues carry a luminous charm. The other, made of 18 CT gold and presented with a diamond-studded dial, is irresistibly precious. Another dial, made of meteorite grinding, glows mysteriously. The clock scale is also crafted in elegant gold or diamond, such as the diamond inlaid VI clock mark, which is the finishing touch of the dial, making every wrist lift a feast for the eyes.

The Rolex women’s watch has different straps for different models, whether oyster, memorial or Fuhrer, all complementing Rolex’s unparalleled aesthetic. The most prized models are paired with a headpiece and commemorative band that are both encrusted with diamonds, complementing the diamond-encrusted ring and dial.

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